Monday, 12 September 2016

Top Study Tips

With the end of the student year only a couple of months away - that includes current year 12 and University students - I thought it might be a great idea to publish a couple of quick study tips to boost your ability to learn and retain information.

  1. Turn down the  Sound - my son and daughter love to listen to music as they study.  I have to have silence to study.  well it tuns out good old Mum is right again.  Apparently the brain is easily distracted by background noise while it is trying to learn something.  So much so that you will recall 10% less of the information later if you add a playlist.
  2. Early to Bed Early to Rise makes a student ...Wise - Ditch the all nighters.  Your brain, like needs time to transfer the new information from the short term memory to the long term memory. Apparently sleep helps in this process. 
  3. Switch to Pen and Paper - While there is no difference between the amount you recall by using either pen and paper or technology to take notes, writing things downs improves your understanding of it. Check out 

Study Centrals tops tips forgetting the most out of your study are:

What Areyour top Tips for Study? -The ones you have found most useful to get the study 'done and dusted' efficiently (least amount of time) and most effectively (best results)?

Enjoy the vacation period (for all those students in Australia) and best wishes for the upcoming exams.