About Me


I always find it a challenge to know where to start when sharing my story.  How much is too much or too little?  What would be of interest or value to the other person?   Do I go into details about my teen years and my search for meaning or purpose a midst the mayhem of parental conflict and drug and alcohol misuse? Or do I share how I laughed and cried while creating a family of my own only to have it fall apart.  Do I talk about dealing with thyroid cancer and caring for aging parents?

Well, I figure you probably have your own story full of both joy and sorrow so you probably don’t really want to hear me wallow in mine. Therefore,  I've decided it would be better to share with you the better part of my life’s journey.  The part where I decided to take control of my life and work towards becoming the best person and parent I could be.

Crawling out of the pit of doom and gloom, began with the demise of my marriage, when at the age of 34 I found myself  homeless, unemployed and a single parent with two children under school age. A sure fire catalyst for change or crashing.  I sought professional counselling to deal with my anger, despair and lack of direction. I also realised I would need to provide for my two boys so I went back to university study.  After five (5) years of working and studying, I completed a degree in Welfare graduating with Distinction.   I'm mentioning my background here only to give you an idea of what kind of person I am, not because I want you to think I've got all the answers because I have studies in the area.  Far from  it.  I believe we all have the answers to our own lives within ourselves. We just need help sometimes finding them.  

During this period I knew teh direction I wanted to take in life. I developed a keen interest and enthusiasm for inner growth, positive thinking, creative visualization and the powers of the mind and body. I read about meditation, yoga, and philosophy.  I started a regular exercise program and committed to eating healthy.  This has gone a bit haywire since menopause (haha)

By the age of 37, I had met and married my current husband.  We were blessed with two more children, despite my age (44 years of age at the last birth).   We have been married for nearly 20 years now having survived the challenges of parenting, depression, unemployment and dealing with aging parents.   It has been hard work at times staying friends let alone in love, but it has been worth it.

In 2013, after working in the human services sector, (youth justice, child protection and disability services), for over 20 years, I was tired of the office politics and feeling burnt out , I quit.   I wanted to explore new horizons and expand my vision for a bigger and brighter future.  After some navel gazing  I decided I, with my families support that my passion for helping people could be more effective if I start my own business.  An online service where I could use my knowledge, insights and skills to guide other women grow a life of lasting self-love and laughter; pursue their dreams and passions and blossom into the person they have always wanted to be.  I am also keen to develop a community in which women from all over the world can come together and share their combined wisdom and offer mutual support and encouragement in the face of life’s challenges.  So that’s my story so far and I feel like it has just begun.  I am so excited by the possibilities of connecting with so many other women, from all walks of life and nationalities. The possibilities of what we can create together is mind boggling and limitless.

I invite you to join me on a journey of growth and renewal where you too can find your passion and live your dreams. 

Start to act now and change will follow.